Free Shipping? What’s the catch? 


Absolutely no catch or hidden fees. 

KicksDisplay values the customer service experience and we truly appreciate your support. With that said, we wanted to also give back by helping with the shipping costs.


How long will it take to get my product delivered?

At KicksDisplay we evaluate our distribution network and carriers quarterly to ensure we partner with best of the best.  In regards to shipping, our main factors of consideration are reliability and speed.

Here's an overview of the shipping times:

  • All items with the exception of The 360 Flex
    • Will be delivered within 3-7 business days
    • Please refer to the estimated delivery lead time map below
    • The 360 Flex will take a little longer as this is housed in our partner warehouse network.
      • Rest assured that you will receive this product within 10-15 business days
      • This is our flagship product and we have built partnerships with a network of strategically located partner warehouses to help fulfill all orders.
      • As we ramp up our production, we are also working on shortening this lead time.